5 Reasons to Buy Handmade Swimwear

First, let’s get something clear.

Two heavily tattooed white afab models wear patriotic swimsuits in the sun.

You deserve to feel comfortable and fabulous in a swimsuit. Period.

Swimsuit shopping isn’t all cute 90’s movie montages and ‘OMG!’ moments, especially if you aren’t a straight sized person.*

Regardless of size, we’ve all been in the dressing room struggling with ANOTHER swimsuit only to find out halfway up our thighs that it’s too short/tight/etc.

OR you finally find something that fits, and the print or color is just...meh...

I started making my own swimwear for this reason!

"Not only do I want a suit that actually FITS MY BODY (and stays on when I splish or splash), I wanna feel EXCITED about wearing a suit. I wanna feel like a fabulous model from a vintage magazine or a groovy mermaid lounging on a beach. I just wasn’t finding that feeling at any department stores." ~ Sierah

I made my own and wanted to share the joy of a really good swimsuit with others.

I want to help people feel good with swimsuits on their bodies, and this mission grew into to my brand, sierah SEW fresh and #sewfreshswim

We already have so much anxiety and complex feelings about our bodies, we shouldn’t have to deal with trauma and body shame every time the sun comes out to kiss our skin!

"EVERYONE, regardless of size, physical ability, skin color or gender identity deserves to feel comfortable and fabulous in a swimsuit." ~ sierah SEW fresh

Which is why I put together my top 5 reasons to buy handmade swimwear!

But first, what do we mean by HANDMADE?

I define handmade as anything made by hand or otherwise created/assembled by a person.